Program Baucar Perlindungan Tenang

The Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia to expand the social protection for the lower-income group. The programme was launched in September 2021 and is offered to eligible Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) recipients.

In 2021, a RM50 voucher has been allocated to eligible BPR recipients to purchase/subscribe a Perlindungan Tenang product from licensed insurers and takaful operators.

Beginning 1 January 2022, an RM75 voucher will be allocated to eligible Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM) recipients to purchase/subscribe a new Perlindungan Tenang product or renew their existing Perlindungan Tenang protection plan.

Steps to check eligibility and redeem Perlindungan Tenang voucher:

  1. Check your eligibility at
  2. Redeem voucher at or


For assistance/inquiry on Perlindungan Tenang Voucher:

Do contact Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Call Centre at 03-77239333 (Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.) or visit


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ – Program Baucar Perlindungan Tenang (BM)

FAQ – Perlindungan Tenang Voucher (Eng)